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CHR Customized Training Solutions

Although there are common training needs among employers no two employees, groups or companies are alike. As a result, CHR training programs are customized to best meet the needs of your learners within their unique work environment.

When customizing your training, CampbellHR takes into consideration the following:

•     company needs
•     group needs     
•     individual needs   
•     group composition
•     job competencies  
•     employee morale
•     readiness to learn
•     learning preferences
•     company training norms
•     time off the job                         
•     group size      
•     work schedule
•     safety
•     transfer of learning      
•     training pre-work  
•     management support       
•     modes of presentation
•     cost
•     materials
•     training location  
•     training room needs
We will partner with your management team for a complete needs assessment, which will then be utilized to develop training objectives, curriculum, and a transfer of learning component for all training programs. Contact us for more information on how we can help you develop training solutions for your company.

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