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Leadership Development - Professional growth beyond training

CampbellHR will help you grow your in-house leadership talent. People don't become leaders by default. Neither job title nor position power alone makes one a leader. We will tailor the Intentional Success Leadership Course to the needs of your employees. One-on-one and/or group work will focus on the following areas:
  • Roles and Goals: clarifying your personal and professional roles and goals. Time Management: getting more done through effective personal management.
  • Teamwork/Interdependency: working with teams/internal customer service.
  • Communication: developing communication skills best suited for the circumstances.
  • Trainer Development: tapping into employee knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to grow the company's collective competence. Inherent in the leadership role is the ability to teach and develop others. Companies create a learning culture by making training a priority and looking to their own employees to provide the training whenever practical.

In addition to the above listed developmental areas, participants will receive training in selected content areas based on company identified job competencies.

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