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Performance Improvement Planning

CampbellHR will partner with company management to provide support, direction, and accountability for those employees willing to work to improve their current job performance.

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Goal Setting
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Progressive Discipline - Always more effective when part of a Performance Improvement Plan
A good progressive discipline policy provides an objective framework that helps both the employee and the employer work through performance issues. However, a progressive discipline policy is simply a document unless the company practice includes not just documenting discipline, but working to help the employee to fulfill their Performance Improvement Plan.

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Progressive Discipline  

Employee Assistance
At some time in the course of one’s employment, they are likely to have their work world impacted by circumstances in their personal world. A healthy work culture is one where employees are expected to perform their jobs, but at the same time, co-workers and management make reasonable efforts to accommodate and support them during difficult times. Employee assistance services offered through CampbellHR are done in partnership with employees and their supervisor.*
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*All employee assistance includes employee accountability to meet their job expectations, fulfill performance improvement plans and/or to fulfill progressive discipline plans.

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