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Short Term Coaching - direction, support, and accountability for your employees

Most often people are able to successfully manage the intersection of their personal and professional lives with balanced management of both. But, there are also times when a person is up against circumstances - some beyond their control and some within their control - that are complicating and magnifying their difficulties on the job.
You’ve invested in them, you view them as a valuable human resource, and you want to retain them. You think they will benefit from personal coaching, but you may not have the time or the in-house expertise to provide it.  
CampbellHR offers Short-term Coaching--temporary employee assistance that includes one-on-one work with employees wanting to be more effective on the job because of better personal management off the job.
Dave Campbell has been successfully providing employee assistance and coaching services for over 18 yrs. Contact Dave at CampbellHR for more information on CHR Short-term Coaching Services.

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