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Progressive Discipline - let us help with the difficult part of a necessary process

Most supervisors and managers would rather not deal with performance issues, but the truth is, a small percentage of employees require progressive discipline. Progressive Discipline is a process of teaching & coaching employees, while at the same time, holding them accountable to change their behavior or improve their job performance. This process assists company managers and supervisors with the difficult task of managing skill and will issues.

Skill issues most often require development and training.

Will issues are those performance issues that are based on an employee knowing what they should do, but choosing not to do it.

Both call for employees to be held accountable to meet conduct and performance standards.

Benefits of Progressive Discipline
  • Promote positive employee relations by encouraging communication between supervisor and employee where the employee's performance or behavior is considered unsatisfactory. (Enhances the quality of the working relationship.)
  • Provide information which enables the employee to make a self-directed decision regarding his or her employment. (Assists the supervisor in their role of managing their employees.)
  • Provide the employee with advance knowledge of the corrective action which may result from unsatisfactory work performance and/or behavior. (Provides clear signals to employees, making known up front what is the disciplinary process.)

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